Standard tour: 2 hours with a minimum of 2 people per tour, $45 per person.

* Introduction to Whangarei and surrounds in a scenic spot
* A visit of a Maori Pa site, the Whangarei Falls or a local forest with Kauri trees
* Weaving something with flax
* A hot cup of bush tea

Tours can also be in German.

You can also discuss your preferences with us and let us put together a perfectly tailored guided tour itinerary to suit you! Anything from quick and easy sightseeing tours to guided walks to shopping assistance, as long as it’s a tour we’ll do it! We charge the same as for a 2 hour tour plus a small charge per additional hour.

Our guided tours are not adrenaline-packed or luxurious, but cater to travellers like ourselves who want to learn, discuss and ask questions about the unique aspects of the country they are visiting.

What you will see:
You will see trees, animals and people with a different focus, the green blur of NZ will take shape and become distinguishable.

What you will learn:
Not the latin names of things but what’s funny, crazy or unique to NZ nature and culture from a traveller’s point of view.

Private in-depth flax weaving lessons can also be arranged.