About us

Wendy has always been a passionate traveller. After travelling extensively in South America for 10 months, New Zealand for a total of 14 months and Australia for 5 months, she went to work for a New Zealand company: Integrity Tours/Sun Travel, as an eco tour leader based in India for two years. She was her best ever taking frightened travellers through the public transport system (or on camels) and chaos of India.

Totally in love with New Zealand (& Urbi), now living in the land of her dreams, passionate for all details in plant and animal life, she is very proud to run her own tourism business.

Now fascinated by Maori culture and living in a part of Polynesia, Urbi spent over 2 years backpacking the hard way through 25 countries and many others since. He takes care of web design, documentation, presentations and tour research – with Swiss precision. He published a Maori language course for newcomers and travellers (as well as a Spanish language course for beginners).

  • Our vision is to pass on our passion and knowledge about this most beautiful spot. We love this region and want to promote it.
  • We don’t want to specialise – there’s too much to learn about New Zealand. You will learn about nature, plants, Pakeha and Maori culture, contemporary challenges and our own travel and immigration experience.
  • We want to stay small scale and flexible. Our aim is not to fill a big bus and run the same trip every day but to take your personal interests into account and make it more interesting for us.
  • We design our tours to be able to pick up even single travellers at a reasonable price.
    Because we run small tours we can make them at the time that fits you best. First come first serve, but if other people want to join in they can.
  • There are maximum 6 people on tour, usually we run them for 2 only.
  • Our tours don’t run for the whole day or multiple days – we want to give you a short and packed great time – starting from 2hrs onwards.
  • We want to treat our environment – natural and cultural – with respect. Don’t disturb animals, leave nothing but footprints and whenever possible pick up trash you see lying around.?